A Child In Pain

boy in pain

(I’ve decided to post this. Please don’t judge me. I am simply bringing awareness because my heart breaks and I cry every time I see pain in a child.)

20 February 2014

They hurt Rene, God! How could I have let them do that to him?

Did you know they were hurting him?

No. I thought it was just uncomfortable.

Then why are you blaming yourself?

Because I let them!

You didn’t know, child. It had a purpose. They’ve been doing that to children. Next time you know what to do.

Yes. I won’t force Rene to ever go through that again. But how will they check his hearing if there’s a lot of wax?

Didn’t they say the ears are self-cleaning and didn’t they just contradict themselves by forcing the child to go through pain for the wax to be removed?

Yes. I was wondering about that. Well then, I’ll bring it up next time.

Do that. Most parents simply go along and the children are the ones suffering.


No buts, child. If the agenda of the child is to be deaf, then there is nothing anyone can do about it. They think they are helping the child. They are not. They are putting children through pain just so they think they can help them to be normal. To be able to cope with the norm of this world. Others in your world think if it’s less than perfect they need to fix it. That is not the case all the time. Sometimes the soul simply wants to be left alone to its agenda. Others should respect that.

So let’s say the child does go deaf, won’t that be difficult for him and the family?

It depends on what you perceive to be difficult. Is teaching the child sign language difficult?

No, I don’t think so. Coz there are many hearing impaired persons who can speak sign language.

That’s another thing. The hearing impaired. All of you put too much emphasis on words. What is the matter with calling exactly what they are? They are deaf. Deaf is but a label. You came about with “the hearing impaired” because all of you put a judgement value on a mere word. Deaf or hearing impaired means exactly the same thing. And yet your mindset has set aside another word because you have judged it as degrading. Judging must stop.

Well, it wasn’t me who came up with it.

I know, child. I’m speaking in general.

Okay. So do You want me to post this?

It is entirely up to you, child.