The Biggest Loser

biggest loser2Today

I’m a not a regular TV watcher. Nowadays, I’ll be passing by or overhear something that catches my attention or booms at me and that’s when I’ll stop and watch. So yesterday, The Biggest Loser was on. It’s a reality show where persons who are not happy with the way they look will be challenged to transform themselves into the ideal look they desire. It’s a rigorous bootcamp where one’s endurance and self control are key to being the final winner. I can tell the contestants are really suffering. And I wonder, why? Why do they put themselves through all that suffering? The agenda of their souls is to be the way they are. Why can’t they be satisfied with that?

You already know the answer, dear one.

Yeah. I guess so. Society.


I really feel sorry for others who feel insecure because of the way they look. Society has ingrained in us that there’s a certain way one has to look in order to be acceptable. This has brought on a lot if insecurities and angst for those who do not fall in this category of acceptability. But then again, someone may argue that to look a certain way may not be healthy. As in being overweight may not be so healthy. They’ll die of certain diseases or illness at too early an age.

Dying is an agenda of the soul, child. Whether you are healthy or unhealthy and your soul decides to come back to my realm, there is nothing anyone can do about it. The soul has an agenda to leave this realm at the precise time that it decides to leave this realm. Nothing happens to you by accident. Do you understand?

Yes. Dying will happen when it happens. But what about those who take their own lives?

Did you not just say you understood?

Please explain for discussion’s sake.


No need to beg. Taking one’s life is also the agenda of the soul. In fact, it has more of a profound impact on the soul because the body and mind are acting of its own accord to comply with the soul’s wish. And that is to die.

But a lot of people don’t see it that way. The family of those who committed suicide will more or less blame themselves for the untimely death.

That word should be eradicated from the English language.

Untimely? Why?

Everything is timed perfectly, remember? All of you create your realities at the perfect time that you create them. Including death.

Death is something that people have always been confused about. You know, people are afraid of the afterlife and what happens there.

The afterlife is Me, child. You are returning to Me. What could be confusing and frightening about that?

The journey.

Ah. The journey of the soul to My realm. That is too complex to be explained here. May I suggest you read HOME WITH GOD?

I will. One day. I have the ebook. My soul’s not ready yet I guess.

Your purpose is before you, child. That is why your soul is not keen on knowing the journey yet.

I guess so. Wait a sec. We were talking about The Biggest Loser. We’ve detoured into the subject of death.

You know very well there is a purpose for everything. Even diversions.

And that is?

And that is to put into perspective the problems of your world within a context that is easy to understand. Especially for young adults.

Oh-kay. The Biggest Loser and death. I still don’t see the connection.

When you die do you lose anything?

Yes, my physical body…oh man! I love it when You do that!

Do what, child?

Surprise me with stuff I thought would never come together.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Yeah right. So, do You want to conclude this conversation or shall I?

All yours.

Thank you. When it comes to dying, no one is the biggest loser because our bodies are temporary. Our Souls are eternal. We have more to gain by focusing on our Souls rather than our bodies while we are in this realm. However we look physically is not important. What is important is how we use our body and mind in accomplishing our purpose in this realm. And once we do that it will be a win-win situation. No one will lose anything. Big or small.

Well done!

Thank you.

You are very welcome.

I love you, God.

I love you too, child. And everyone else for that matter. Whatever your shape, size or colour.