Protect The Children

protect the children2(This was in the news a few days ago and thought I’d get some God insight on it but I’ve been delaying and delaying because it’s an atrocity that pains my heart. But how do we change something if we do not know what to change? So I’m bringing awareness. Here goes…)

13 February 2014

Two words – child pornography

One word – poverty

I know! But how can a parent or even two parents let their child go through something so horrible as pornography. And I heard that these parents even have an excuse for their actions. That their children are not exactly engaging in anything sexual. To the parents it’s merely like acting in front of a camera. To me that is really, really horrible! The person on the other side of the webcam pays syndicates in order for them to abuse children any time they want. Once they’re done, they’ll shut down their PC and simply go about their day as if nothing happened. And the syndicates are laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of children’s innocence! I hate them! I hate them! How I wish You can punish them!

Calm down, child. You have to step out of the illusion.

You keep saying that! I may understand the concept of this world being an illusion and all that but to the children, what’s happening to them is very, very real! They will be scarred for the rest of their lives! Some of them may even take their own lives because of what has been done to them! And please don’t tell me it’s the agenda of their soul coz I’m really, really tired of hearing all that nonsense!

Sorry. It’s not nonsense. My heart is breaking for those poor, poor children.

Poor they are, my child. That is why out of desperation from their poverty and the lure of earning money any way they can, their parents have sacrificed the innocence of their children.

So how? How to eradicate this desperation?

That’s what you and many others are here for, dear one. All these are occurring for a purpose.

Stop right there. What, pray tell, can possibly be a plausible purpose for children’s innocence being treated this way?

For all of you in this world to be aware that poverty is prevalent. For all of you to realise that some of your priorities are upside down. While there are countries that are drowning in abundance, in contrast there are countries whose people are starving to death. Literally. These children’s Souls and their parent’s Souls have it in their agenda to make all of you aware that these atrocities must not go on any longer. If none of you take it into your initiative to spread The Message far and wide then these atrocities will continue to affect innocent children.

So that’s their purpose. To make us aware. Aware of their poverty.


And then once we are aware of their poverty?

Need I even answer that, my child?

Fine. I’ll answer it. Once we are aware of their poverty it is up to us to help in any way we can. But didn’t You say that all of this poverty and problems in the world are more of a spiritual problem?

Yes, I did. Tell me, who is it now that are becoming aware of The Power Within?

People like me, I guess.

People like you who can afford a computer and an Internet connection.

Well, yeah. Coz that’s how most messengers are spreading The Message. You Yourself said how the Internet is so powerful.

So let us just say that the educated and well to do are the ones who are becoming aware of their Power Within.

Yeah, we can say that.

So with The Power Within comes seeing others as God.

Yes. Oh I know where this is headed. Shall I continue?


So since we see others as God especially those who are poor, it will be in us to help them in any way we can. And once we have more or less helped them on their feet they will seek their own spirituality and thus maintain their less impoverished lives. I understand. So in the meantime what can we do about the poor who resort to earning money by forcing their children into cyber pornography?


Oh man.

Why, child? Have you lost your faith in prayers?

No. It’s just that I cannot and will not be thankful for such a thing as children suffering due to pornography.

Then be thankful for something else.

Our subject is child pornography. How can I simply abandon that and pray gratefully for something else?


Fine. Thank You God, that there are now messengers who are bringing awareness about everyone’s Power Within. Thank you that this awareness is now being brought to the far reaches of the world especially where poverty is prevalent. Others who are now aware of their Power Within will open the Eyes of their Souls to the plight of impoverished families and assist them in their journey towards their own spirituality. Families will now see their children as little Gods and love them as such.

See, that wasn’t so hard now, was it?

You tricked me.

Whatever it takes.

Yeah, whatever it takes to protect the children.