Purveyor of Truth

purveyor of truth2Today

“Words are the worst purveyor of truth when it is passed from human to human.” This statement has been running around my head for the past couple of days now. If that’s the case then are motivational, inspirational, spiritual speakers not telling the truth?

You know that’s not true, child.

So they are speaking The Truth. But they’re using words. The spoken word.

Where does The Truth come from?

From You.

Me. And your Soul is Me. So if The Truth is coming from the Soul then it is The Truth.

I know that. My point is – they’re using words and You say words are the worst purveyor of Truth. Especially when it’s passed from human to human. It’s so confusing!

Settle down. Firstly, look up the meaning of purveyor.



Something weird happened.

What, dear one?

I opened my dictionary app and the word of the day boomed at me.

And what word is that?

Yeah right. As if You didn’t know. It’s “neologise.” It means – to make or use new words or create new meanings for existing words or to devise or accept new religious doctrines.

Need I say more?


Alright. Words are good purveyor of The Truth when it is passed from Soul to Soul without any embellishments or additions. It is also the worst purveyor of Truth when it is passed from human to human because it can be embellished and added on.

So what You’re saying is – as long as we do not embellish it or add on to it, it will be okay to use words especially when it’s coming from the Soul. So how will we know if it’s not coming from the Soul?

Oh you’ll know. The Soul knows exactly what is the Truth because it will have Joy and Love in it. Other than that, there will be fear and confusion. Remember that.

I will. So it is okay to use words to purvey the truth.

As long as it is not embellished, added on and not coming from narcissistic tendencies.

As in it should be for the benefit of others.

Yes. Besides, what else are you going to use?


When all of you are highly evolved you will not need words anymore. Your feelings will be your only means of communication.

That’s scary.

No, child. That will be wonderful.