I’m scared.

Of what?

Of what’s happening. Not only that, but I can feel the fear in everyone as well. They’re afraid of what’s happening. They’re afraid of me.

Why would they be afraid of you?

I don’t know. Maybe they think I’m a freak. Maybe they think I have super powers or something.

Do you?

What?! What kind of question is that? You’re the One telling everyone this I Am you, you are Me stuff. And then you ask me that question?! What gives?


Me what?

I gave you that power. The Power Within. I gave everyone this power. The only difference is, most of you are not aware of it yet. But let Me just say, because of you, more and more are becoming aware of it.

Oh yeah. That’ll definitely take the blame off me.

They should be thanking you, not blaming you.

Try telling them that. Anyway, why should they? Thank me, I mean?

That you have brought the awareness of having this power. The Power Within has never left this world ever since I created it. Only upon your creations upon creations upon creations that all of you have forgotten it. Now, the remembering has begun. Some of you are now remembering The Power Within.

Why do we have to remember? Why can’t we just stay the way we are? It’s kind of peaceful and we like it that way.

This part of the world, yes. Have you looked around lately? Have you looked beyond your horizons? I do not need to mention what is going on beyond your horizon because all of you know exactly what is going on. We are discussing this right now because of the most powerful invention your world has created. The Internet. Can’t you see the power it has released with regards to The New World. Information from the other side of the world is available with a click of your finger. Many of you are now AWARE because of this tool. Thus, now BE AWARE of what is going on beyond your horizons by clicking on this information. Chaos and more chaos are being felt in the other parts of the world. And might I ask where is your world?

You mean where I live?


Well, in the world. I’m part of this world. Oh I know what’s coming.


That We Are All One thing.

Precisely. All of you are connected. What affects one country will affect another. Not right away or directly but it will have some effect some day. Think about it. Where does your milk come from?

Huh? Um, I guess from a country where they have cows?

What wil happen if there was an outbreak of mad cow disease in that country?

It’s happened before actually. But it was brought under control. So no big.


I knew it! I knew it! You were gonna bring that up!

That is your reality, my dear one.

And everyone else’s, I guess. Scared the shiitake out of everyone. No one dared to go out. It was like a ghost town.

And that disease was brought into your world from another place. Now, do you understand?

Sort of. But everything seems to be under control so I don’t think such a thing will happen again.

You’re scaring me!

I’m not scaring you, child. I Am merely pointing out that there are certain things in your side of the world that will not forever be the same. What goes on in other parts of the world will not stay there. If nothing is done in terms of a spiritual overhaul this world will be destined to suffer for a very long time. And that includes your world.

SARS is not a spiritual problem.

SARS is suffering. And what is suffering? It is a state of being. And what is your being? It is your body, mind and soul. Your body and mind are temporary. What is real is your soul. Your soul is your spirit. So is SARS not a spiritual problem?

Point taken.

All the problems in your world is the cause of a spiritual problem. Let us leave it at that.