I’m sorry!

What is it, child?

I didn’t act godly towards someone just now.

What did you do?

Actually, it’s what I didn’t do. I didn’t acknowledge her. In fact, I sent hostile signals towards her. I’m sorry.

There you go again.

Go where?

Going to postmortem mode. Child, don’t you know it yet? You are always so in touch with your soul now when it comes to creating your reality, you are on automatic. EVERYTHING HAS A PURPOSE. Your creations have a purpose. Each and every one of them, since the day you were born.

Really? But I only realised what I did after it happened. I just acted from the gut.

And that’s the way it should be.

But it wasn’t very nice.

Would you rather be nice or save souls?

Is that what I did? Save a soul?



A bit of advice. It’s done. It’s over. Forget it.

Alright. It’s just that I feel bad.

That’s exactly how she’s feeling right now. Your souls made a connection and there was a transference of divinity.

Feeling bad is divine?

When you love someone and he has done something you do not like, what do you do?

Let him know?

Let’s say someone treated you the same way. How would you feel?

You mean someone told me they weren’t happy with what I did to them?


I guess, I’d feel bad and apologise.

Do you think this person hates you or loves you?

Of course, loves me. That is why they are telling me their truth.

So is “feeling bad” divine?

Yeah. I guess so.

It IS so. I created your world as a gift to Myself in order for Me to experience Myself through you. And all the emotions you are feeling I Am feeling. The Old World mindset is that, when you feel bad it is not a good thing. As in, it is evil to feel bad. It is suffering. Most of you believe the worst suffering of all is being in hell. And what do you believe exists in hell?


Feeling bad is NOT evil. Feeling bad exists so you will know what feels good. How can you know what feels good if you have nothing to compare it with? Embrace ALL emotions. They are LIFE. And what is LIFE?

Life is God. I know. I know. God is my Soul.

Once you believe this you will welcome every emotion there is which are consequences of your creations. It is up to you to decide whether to stay in a certain emotion as long as you want or as little as you want. You are your own masters of your emotions. You have total control. ONCE YOU BELIEVE THAT ALL EMOTIONS ARE DIVINE YOU WILL NEVER SUFFER AGAIN. Suffering is the condition of the mind. Once your Soul is in control, your mind has no chance to indulge in suffering. Trust Me on this.

I’ll take Your word for it.