Go Within


There are people who don’t like me because of my Purpose for the New World.

Why do you say that?

I can sense it when I bump into them. Some of them are women. I’m doing this for the women and the children! Why do they feel that way? (Actually, it has happened even BEFORE I became a messenger.)

The women have not come back to themselves yet, dear one. They are still being controlled by their sponsoring thoughts.

And what sponsoring thoughts are those?

One of them is competition.


Even among the same gender there is competition because of the mentality of wanting to be better than another, or to be more abundant than another or to be better looking than another as perceived in your society.

Why is that?

You tell Me, child.

Because we perceive God as separate from us. We perceive God to be the most powerful Being in the universe.


And since we perceive God to be separate from us we perceive ourselves to be separate from each other. And since our souls try to emulate this distant powerful God we compete with each other to try to be this distant powerful God.

The key words there are “try to emulate.” That is the belief of The Old World. That each of you are not already God. You do not perceive yourselves having God within you, therefore you compete to be God. To be powerful. Now what does The New World believe?

We are God. Each of us are capable of being God now, at this very moment.

Now how did you come about to believe this?

When I read Neale’s CWG.

Why did you read Neale’s CWG?

I like to read. So when I came across one of his books, The New Revelations, I wondered what else he wrote and voila, I found CWG.

How were you feeling when you found CWG?

Oh I know where this is headed. I was feeling really depressed.


Can we not get into that, please?

Why not? That is the reason why some people do not like you, is it not?

Well yeah, maybe.

Well then, how can I tell you why some people do not like you if you do not even admit to yourself the reason why they do not like you?

Fine. I had a crush on someone I wasn’t suppose to have a crush on. There! Happy now?

Very happy. But to make you feel better we will not get into it after all.

Phew! Thank you.

You’re welcome. Let us just say that you were having a very big problem. So what do you do when this happens?

Usually, I’ll turn to You. Get down on my knees and pray.

You do not have to get down on your knees to pray. What else?

Well, ever since I can remember, I’m always writing. Writing, writing, writing. I wrote in my diaries when I was young, when I was in college, when I was married (plenty of writing then) and I’m still writing now. Usually it would just be in a diary format. It was only after reading CWG that I changed. I tried Neale’s style. You know, like a dialogue between the two of us. You and me. Like this. Never would I have known it would turn out the way it has now. That I would be a messenger for The Purpose of The New World. Never, ever, ever!

And all because you were trying to seek a solution to a problem. So you went within with no expectations. And what did you find?

I found My Truth. I found out who I really am. So awesome.

Awesome indeed. If only each and everyone one of you would seek solutions to your life’s problems from within. I assure you, you would never “not like” anyone ever again. Do you know why? Because The Power is Within you. The Power that another has is also in each of you. What an unfair God I would be if I bestowed less power to some and more to others. That is not the True God. All of you are blessed with the same power that I have. Now how to have this power? Tell Me, child. In just one word. Say it.