The guy who stared at the bus stop. Didn’t I just contradict myself about that? As in, I did not look for the good in him. I didn’t look at him through the eyes of my soul. I sort of judged him right away. That his intent was to intimidate.

You did.

I did what?

You looked at him through the eyes of your soul.

I don’t think so. If I saw him through the eyes of my soul I would have just ignored him.

What is the opposite of love?

Oh man. The opposite of love is indifference.

Enough said.

No! I don’t think anyone will be convinced of that. It’s like a cop-out. For me, I mean. I’m the one writing down this conversation after all. Others will think I am just making excuses for my actions.

Yes, you are.

I’m what?

Making excuses.

What? I am NOT making excuses.

What is the meaning of excuse?

Excuse means “a plea offered in extenuation of a fault or for release from an obligation, promise, etc.” An example is: His excuse for being late was unacceptable.

You are pleading to be released from a fault or from an obligation.

Am I?

Yes. Why do you doubt your reaction to a situation when you know full well it came from your soul? Your soul knows exactly what to do when your divinity is being violated. Every time you heed your soul’s desire is every time you create your reality. And upon creating your reality what do you expect?

Nothing. I expect nothing. No expectations whatsoever.

So stop questioning the consequences of your creations of your reality. No expectations means not thinking at all of the possible consequences of your creations. DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING. Simply create, create, create. Every moment, every second, you are creating. You will drive yourself to madness every time you question each and every reality that you create. EVERYTHING HAS A PURPOSE. Each creation you create has a purpose. All Masters do nothing but create and leave it at that. They do not do a postmortem every time they are faced with the consequences of their creations. Whether it was the right thing to do. Or it was the wrong thing to do. There is no right or wrong. Right and wrong are your judgement of a situation within the context of what is acceptable or unacceptable according to the norm of your society. As I said before, creating your reality is sometimes the most difficult thing to do because it does not conform to your rules and regulations. What you did with that man at the bus stop is uncommon. Did the other women react to him the way you did?

No. I don’t think they were even aware of him.

Being aware is the first trait Masters master. The other women probably weren’t even aware that their divinity was defended as well. Because once you defend your divinity as a woman you are also defending the divinity of all women. That man’s sponsoring thoughts have overtaken the divinity of his soul to the point where he perceives himself to be superior to the female gender.

But maybe I was over reacting. Maybe he wasn’t really staring to intimidate. Maybe he was just staring. Simply staring.

Did it feel like that to you?


No. Because your soul told you otherwise. And that man felt discomfort when you began to approach his personal space because he was guilty of invading your divinity as a woman. If he wasn’t guilty he would have stopped staring as soon as he noticed that you were aware. Did he do that?

No. In fact, he stared even more and he asserted his superiority even more by his body language.

There was a battle of souls which went on between the two of you within those few seconds. And who won the battle?

I did. Because he turned away and did not even want to make eye contact.

Do you know why you won that battle of souls?


Because you were coming from The Truth. He was coming from his sponsoring thoughts. The Truth and nothing but The Truth shall prevail. And what is The Truth?

The Truth is: woman is not lesser than man.

That man had a purpose on that day. And it was for you to experience your divinity.

I don’t think intolerance is an aspect of divinity because that is what it would look like to others who have read my post. That I can’t tolerate sexism.

Your realm is in trouble right now because of sexism. If you, as a messenger of the purpose of The New World tolerates sexism, then we are wasting our time with this discussion, are we not? Every little battle you win against sexism is a baby step towards righting the spiritual imbalance in this realm. An imbalance that will eventually destroy your world if nothing is done by way of a spiritual overhaul. Your world is an illusion. What is real are your souls. But many of you are not aware of this. It is safe to believe in the tangible. And for those who believe that it is the intangible that will save your world is tantamount to insanity.

Yeah. I heard that before. It is the crazy ones who think they can change the world or something like that. No one has called me crazy yet but they’re thinking it. I feel like a freak show sometimes. One good thing about The Unspoken Truth is that no one dares speak it.

It is because The Unspoken Truth is the language of the soul. Whenever you encounter anyone in the know it is your souls that are communicating. That is how highly evolved beings communicate. Those who are aware of The Unspoken Truth should count themselves fortunate to experience it because that is the language of your future millenniums. That is, if the True Promise is realised and heeded.

I know what you mean, child. Have faith.