(I’m re-posting this because…well…because The Boss said so and I am just a messenger.)

If we do not make mistakes then why do we have the aspect of divinity called forgiveness?

Look up the word.

Okay–to forgive means “to grant pardon to” or “to cease to feel resentment against.”

With that in mind, who is benefitting the most from the act of forgiveness? The one who gives forgiveness or the receiver of forgiveness?

Both, I think.

No. “To cease to feel resentment against” is on the advantage of the giver, is it not?

Yeah, I guess so.

It IS so. The receiver may just stay away from the person he has offended and go on with his life. While the giver or rather the one who needs to forgive will keep the resentment in his heart and it will eat him up until he is wholly affected by it. His life, his health, his mind, his soul will be affected because he has not let go of the offense done by another. The offender does not even have to be in the giver’s presence in order for this act to happen. It is a divine aspect because it comes from within. Anything that comes from within is divine. So to answer your question–the divine aspect of forgiveness is My gift to all of you. I have given you this gift because all of you have created SIN. There is no such thing as sin, as you know. But within the context of being divine and for this realm to have peace, the divine aspect of forgiveness is a catalyst in all of you realizing yourselves as God.