The Lady and the Cat

The Lady and the CatThis happened before Rene and I boarded the bus this morning.

There was a lady and a black cat stuck in the middle of the road. They were standing on the grassy island which had a barricade that separated the busy two-way traffic.

I can only assume that the lady must have spotted the cat stuck there after it had dashed across.

Being the soft-hearted and animal-lover that she is, she crossed the road as well in an attempt to rescue him.

Even though there were a couple of times when the road was clear and the cat had a chance to cross, it still wouldn’t budge. Even upon the lady’s persuasion, judging by her hand gestures.

It must be frozen with fear.

Another man on our side of the road saw their predicament and sort of signalled to her. The lady seemed to explain the situation.

But then our bus came.

Rene and I had to leave.

I’ll never know if the cat made it to the other side.

Purpose: No one can help you create your reality except your Self.