Comfort Zone


“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Can You please explain what this is really all about? I think there are people out there who have not totally grasped the meaning of this.

Okay. Try to recall anything that you have done lately that felt uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable as in heart beating fast and butterflies in the stomach kind of thing?


Okay. Well the other day, as I was waiting for the bus to fetch Rene, there was this man at the bus stop who kept staring at me and some other women nearby. It wasn’t admiration, I assure you. It was more of intimidation. He was probably from a country where they consider women to be lesser than men (sorry, I’m judging). His staring was grating at my soul so I stared back. Didn’t work. He asserted his stance even more by turning his body to face me fully. And he’s supposed to be waiting for his bus, mind you. He’ll never see his bus coming in that position unless he had eyes at the back of his head. Anyway. I thought – how about the “crotch stare”? Didn’t work either. In fact, I think he liked it. Eewww! I thought – That’s it. I’m not taking this sitting down. So I stood up, heart beating fast, cold sweat on my palms and walked up to him. He turned abruptly and pretended to check his bus. I knew I got to him. I stopped just a few feet away and I pretended to look at the bus directory. His back was facing me now like the coward that he was. And when I saw my bus coming I stood even closer to him, a couple of steps away and flagged down the bus, facing him. My heart was still beating fast. He kept his eyes averted, not daring to look at me. Oh yeah! One for the ladies. Thank goodness for my bus. I boarded. Luckily he wasn’t behind me. Sigh of relief. So is that an example of “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”?

Yes. Because it takes guts to create your reality. Meaning living your life as who you really are. (You are not lesser than any man.) And that will certainly make you uncomfortable. Facing your greatest fear is the most uncomfortable thing to do in this realm. Your world has come up with so many rules and regulations, should or should nots that when someone comes along and breaks them they are considered anarchists, blasphemers or sinners. Life is not all about rules and regulations or moral conducts. Life is about being who you really are. And who are you really?


Does God obey any rules or regulations?

Not that I know of.

You don’t know because there aren’t any. God is free. So are you. You are free to do anything you want in this realm.



Even killing another?

If that is the agenda of your soul, then yes.

No!! There is nothing godly in killing someone!

I Am everything, remember?

What?! God kills?

Are you God?


Do you kill?


There’s your answer.

But You just said You are everything. And since there are others who kill and that we are God then that would mean God kills!

Tell me why does one kill another?

Out of fear.

Is God fear?

No. God is love. God is joy.

How do you know what is joy if there is no fear? These two must exist in order for one to exist. And since I Am everything then everything that exists in your realm is God.

I’m getting a headache. Can we get back on track, please? We were talking about life and comfort zones.

Don’t change the subject. We were talking about killing.

But it has nothing to do with life and comfort zones.

Yes, it does. Your realm has so much killing going on because of rules and regulations.


“Thou shalt not kill” is one of your rules and when someone violates this rule it is considered the most serious offense in your world and yet it is happening left and right. Every single day there are many who are getting killed by another because of disagreements, greed, envy or just for “kicks” as you call it. Now why do you have this rule? Because this world believes in a god that punishes. Because your souls know that it is just an individuation of Me that it only seeks to do as what God would do. And since your world believes in a punishing God, then the body, mind and soul comply to do just that. To punish those who have broken these same rules and regulations that you are trying to prevent. An eye for an eye, so to speak. That is not God. God can never be hurt or damaged in any way. No matter how much you curse and swear or say obscenities to God, God will never be hurt in any way. Your realm believes in a different god. A god who gets hurt, gets damaged and who punishes every hurt or damage that is done to it. Therefore, this world emulates this kind of god and if nothing is done to change this mindset then this world will end up destroying itself.

So what has that got to do with beginning life at the end of your comfort zone?

Give me an example of being in one’s comfort zone.

Well, when I’m at home, I guess.

What are you doing when you are at home?

Being with the family, I guess. Doing everyday stuff like watching tv, surfing the Internet, cooking, cleaning, etc., etc.

So when you step out of your home, how do you feel? Do you feel comfortable?

Um… I cannot really say yes totally because when I’m outside with others I have to sort of be conscious of myself. As in, am I polite to others when I speak to them? Or do I behave correctly according to what society perceives as proper conduct?

Exactly. Acting within the confines of this world’s rules and regulations is comfortable. But that is not who you really are.

You mean, I can be rude to anyone? Or walk around naked?

Why not?

What?! That’s crazy!

No, my dear one. That is who you really are.

I am NOT rude to anyone! Well, I try not to anyway. And never would I walk around naked.

Have you heard of streakers?

Well yeah…

A very good example of life at the end of one’s comfort zone. Ask any streaker how they felt after running around naked and they will tell you it was exhilarating, exciting, daring. In a word – joy.

And God is joy. And if we were really and truly going to act and behave like God we would walk around naked. And because of rules and regulations and proper conduct, we don’t.

Very well put. So now do you know exactly what “life begins at the end of your comfort zone” means?

Yes. Life is not all about rules and regulations and proper conduct. It is about living life according to the desires of my Soul. And my Soul is God. Live as God would live. God is free. I am free. Comfort zones are within the confines of rules and regulations. It will be uncomfortable to step out of this comfort zone but in the end the result will be joy.


Thank You.

You’re welcome.