Not A Mistake. Only A Purpose.


…The New World is free for all. The Power Within is free for all. But it has
been led to believe that one can only get to heaven through believing that
Jesus’ death was a sacrifice for mankind.

Okay, I understand that there’s no catch. As in “nothing”. Then what’s with
If you’re not into The New World.”

If you’re not into The New World, where are you?

In the old world.

Is there a catch in the old world?


What is it?

The catch is “If you believe in Jesus and Jesus is the only God.”

So is there a catch with The Old World’s key to heaven?

Yes. Oh no! I made a mistake, didn’t I?

There is no such thing as a mistake, child. Only a purpose. Go ahead and
change it the way it should be and expect nothing.

Okay, hang on.

_ _ _

Okay. I changed it. I simply deleted the word “not” – If you’re into The
New World. It makes more sense now. But I still made a mistake, God! The
mistake will be in the emails!

Do you think they know the mistake? If you cannot comprehend what YOU
are talking about, do you think THEY do?

No. You’re right.

I Am God. I do not make mistakes. Only purpose. A purpose for everything.
And you are Me. I Am you.

Okay, if You say so. So, do I post this?