Pacquiao – The Holy Fighter


Four words, God – Pacquiao and his money.

One word – greed.

No! Pacquiao is NOT greedy. He is one of the most generous sportsmen ever!

Not him, child.

Then who? The government?

Not just the government. But when it comes to abundance the mindset of the world is towards selfishness. But NOT for those who are spiritually aware. Meaning their souls are aware that abundance is not the be-all and end-all of life in this realm. When that happens it is when the soul attracts more and more abundance. And what is the soul going to do with so much abundance? The soul gives it away. Do you know why?


Because the soul believes it is already abundant with or without the abundance of this world. The abundance of this world is an illusion. This world is an illusion. What is real is your soul. If you are aware what your soul truly desires, the universe will comply. The universe complies to give your soul more and more abundance because it already believes it already has this abundance. That is what your Holy Fighter is expressing in this moment in time.

Pacquiao – The Holy Fighter. That’s a cool name.

Your Holy Fighter sees himself and others as God. And is not God generous?


And are you not God?

Yes. Um…I think I know where this is going.

Where is this going?

This is going to say—since we are God we too have to be generous.

Yes. Unless your sponsoring thoughts have something to do with it.