You are God. So be God. That is how you can make a difference.

7 July 2013

…Do not carry the problems of the world on your shoulder, child. And do not think you can change the world in this lifetime. You may not even see any changes at all during this lifetime. But rest assured you can come back as many times as you wish to accomplish your purpose. In as many millenniums as you like.

Millenniums? You mean years.

Millenniums, child. It may take thousands of years before there are significant changes in your realm. And I Am only speaking of the spiritual aspect of humankind. It may take another thousands of years when there will be significant changes in ways of living, governing and uniting this world into One. These are only possible when this world is aware of The True God and The True Promise.

Okay. So, in the meantime, what can I do?

Exactly what you’re doing now.

What am I doing now?

You are having a conversation with Me. You are posting in your blog. The Internet is a powerful tool. You can send information to the whole world with just one click. Look at what Neale is doing now. He would have had a harder time reaching out to others if his enlightenment had occurred 50, 60 years ago. Rest assured, your blog have made changes in several people’s lives. Others are thinking, if she can have a conversation with God so can I. This is what is important to Me. That each and every soul will eventually realise that I Am always, always within. This awareness alone will make a difference in each individual’s life.

But what about those who are not exactly into the written word as in not inclined towards writing down their thoughts?

Did I not mention before that these words are meant for sharing and longevity? And that you do not need these words in order to commune with Me? That everything that is happening in your life is My way of communicating with you? Each soul is different. Each soul has a different way of relating their power within. Once this power within has been ignited it is up to the soul to find a means or a way of sustaining this communication with Me. I Am the Source of this Power. I can be accessed in every way possible. Be it through meditation, through prayer, through the written word, through reading holy scriptures, through any activity that gives joy because I Am joy. I Am everywhere and I Am in everything. Therefore, I can be found everywhere and in everything. Keep in mind that the way to bring awareness to others of Who They Really Are is by being Who You Really Are. You are God. Show that through the way you live your life. Show that through the way you interact with others. It is not only through your blog that you can make a difference but also by how you are being when you are with others. How you are being with your family and friends is how you can make a difference. And in turn they can “be” with their family and friends. You are God. So be God. That is how you can make a difference.

Well, that’s easy.

Life is easy. It is you who make it difficult.