Believe In Me

That song that I posted earlier by Jessie J? If it has certain meaning for you and it has changed your mind about something then I have done my job as a messenger.

I heard a song from the same artist on mum’s variety show this morning. Rene (who loves songs and knows more than I do) shouted at me from the balcony, “Jessie J song, Mum!”

“Is it?” I was thinking, the song must be a message. I’ll post it later after washing the lunch dishes.

Then I forgot.

I remembered again while I was washing the dinner dishes (washing dishes = booms).

Rene might remember the title.

“Rene, what’s the title of that Jessie J song you heard just now on Lala’s TV?”

“I know, I know,” he said excitedly and headed to my laptop. On YouTube he found a song titled “Hey Jessie” by a Disney artiste.

“No. No. The Jessie J song this afternoon, Rene. Not this one–”

“It’s this one, mama. See. Hey Jessie,” he insisted, his voice getting louder.

“No. Never mind. Never mind. I’ll look for it myself,” I said.

But he still insisted the song he found was the right one. His pride a little hurt.

“Never mind, darling. I’ll just look for it myself, okay?” I said, nudging him back to his TV.

Anyway, I didn’t find the actual song that I heard earlier but “Who You Are” boomed at me instead. The lyrics caught my attention so I thought–okay then, I’ll post this one.

I asked, what’s the purpose of this, God? And this is the answer that I got:

Do not ignore messages. Act on them immediately. Otherwise you will be neglecting your Soul’s desire.

Always trust your instinct. Your instinct is your Soul. Once you do that I will lead you the rest of the way. Believe your Soul. Your Soul is Me. Believe in Me.