Be careful what you wish for. It will never come true. The universe will only comply.

Please explain.

Alright. Let’s say you wish for something to be “bad” but in actuality it is “good.”

Why would I wanna wish something to be “bad”? Most people would wish for the opposite.

You tell Me, child. You are the one in this realm after all.

Well. I will wish for something to be bad maybe because of my lack of faith in someone. Or maybe out of too much pride. Or maybe because I want to be in control. Or maybe because I’m afraid of a big change in my life. Or maybe…

One word, child. Tell Me.

Oh. You mean FEAR.


So I still don’t understand that sentence above. And besides doesn’t it contradict Your “thoughts create your reality” thing?

A wish is a thought, dear one. Thinking something is bad is a judgement. It does not make something “bad” just because you judge it as “bad.” Nothing is bad in this world, dear one. I AM EVERYTHING. What is good or bad is only your judgement of it.

Okay. So that statement above?

So that statement above means as long as you are wishing for something then that is what you will be doing. Wishing. Wishing is the same as wanting. The universe will simply comply to give you what you are being. And that is wishing.

So how do I get what I’m wishing for then?

Believe that you already have it. And how do you believe that you already have it?

By reaching for it.

In other words?

Create your reality.

Precisely. DO NOT WISH. Instead CREATE.

In other words–JUST DO IT.