This is Neale’s on-this-day-of-your-life email:

On this day of your life, Joy M, I believe God wants you to know that you are innocent. You are blameless. You are without foible or fault of any kind. I know you do not believe this about yourself, but do you believe this of the three-year-old beautiful child? And what makes you think that you are anything less in the eyes of God?

Thank you, Neale. I truly believe this of myself as well as my children.

Earlier, Rene, mum and I were at the neighborhood shop and I felt so much ANGER from someone I know.

He must be in the know of The Unspoken Truth and is not a believer.

He raised his voice at Rene to move away from the bread counter that Rene scampered away from him like a little mouse.

And to think his son and Rene are actually good friends.

Please vent your ANGER on me, not on my children.

Thank you for your kind consideration.