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If all these suffering and atrocities in this realm are illusions then why bother eradicating them? I mean, they are only illusions after all.

Tell Me–what is the meaning of the word “illusion”?

Illusion is “something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.”

Suffering and atrocities are false or misleading impressions of reality. Now tell Me–does everyone in your realm know that this is so?

That they’re illusions? No. Most do not.

So answer your own question now. Why bother eradicating them?

Because many do not know that suffering and atrocities are illusions. We will only be able to eradicate them by knowing that they are illusions. I’m still confused.

Once a person accepts himself or herself as God then they will realise whenever they feel they are suffering they will know it is just an illusion. Once a person accepts himself as God he will…

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