My brother just related to me his work woes while we were making our breakfast in the kitchen this morning.

You see, he has resigned and is going back into his real passion.

His three-month notice is not made any easier by his superior being resentful towards his resignation.

It seems she feels she’s being abandoned. And now she’s herded a couple of others into her way of thinking and her way of treating my brother. They’re giving him The Silent Treatment.

How immature is that? Reminds me of school kids, “I don’t like him. You don’t fren him also, okay?”

I ask you–do you think work woes should affect relationships?

In my opinion, work is work. Friendship should not be affected just because someone resigns and wishes to do something else or be somewhere else.

Don’t you think so? (How am I supposed to answer that if your comments option is disabled?…No need coz I’m talking to myself.)

And besides, why gang up on the poor guy?

What they should be doing is to make his last days or weeks or months the most memorable. That’s what friends are for, right?