The Ultimate Renovation


You know this peace and chaos thingy reminds me of Singaporean’s love for renovation.

I mean, we are so blessed to have a government that provides an affordable housing system for everyone.

I’m not going into the statistics or how this system works because I’m totally clueless about them. (Here’s my money. Give me my house.)

Anyway. It’s very common for couples who have recently acquired a new home to have a budget or some money set aside for total renovation before moving in. This is especially so when it’s a resale property. Meaning, purchased from a previous owner.

Couples or families who can afford to renovate will do so even if the previous owner’s set-up may not be that bad.

This is where renovation contractors come in. Renovation means getting rid of the old set-up by removing and dismantling old built-in furniture like kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, hacking existing tiles on floors and bathrooms including sanitary fittings. And even changing old windows and door installations. Previous electrical wiring and lighting are also removed. (I was an Interior Designer.) Most of the time what’s left is the barest minimum.

Just imagine the noise and disturbance it garners! Not to mention the dust and debris that accumulates while these are going on. Residents using lifts will be inconvenienced as well due to the transportation of renovation materials and getting rid of the debris.

Public housing such as tall residential buildings called “flats” are the most common here. They’re akin to low cost condominiums with units that are closely built together. My neighbor is usually just a couple of steps away. So just imagine the noise while someone’s renovation is going on.

Renovation is so common here that when there isn’t any it’s too quiet.

Me: Did you hear that?

Mum: What?

Me: The silence.

Mum: Ha?

Me: There’s no drilling. I don’t like it. It’s too quiet. Let’s turn on the TV!

Anyway, what I’m trying to point out is that TO HAVE PEACE THERE MUST BE CHAOS.

That is why there is so much CHAOS going on in the world right now. All souls are pleading for PEACE.

And please don’t tell me you haven’t noticed. Which mountain have you been hiding in? Either that or you’re very good at practicing INDIFFERENCE.

And why are all these chaos making themselves felt? Because WE ARE NOT ONE.

Souls will keep manifesting chaos into reality as long as WE ARE NOT ONE.

You may think you are safe in your LITTLE WORLD. Pretty soon it’ll creep at you from behind and then you wouldn’t know what hit you. Not unlike Typhoon Yolanda.

I’m not scaring you or anything. Just warning you, that’s all.

Besides, do you know what you can do so the chaos doesn’t affect you?


This world is an illusion. What’s real is your Soul.

All this chaos happening in the world is happening so Messengers can bring you back to your Soul.