For my holiday trip in December I decided to order some winter wear online. Eskimo2

The package consisted of a down jacket, a couple of woolen leggings and a pair of suede boots which I won’t be able to wear.

You know why?

They’re a tad small.

I’m usually a size 37 here at home. So I ordered a size 37.

I guess a pair of size 37 ankle high boots isn’t the same as a pair of size 37 sandals which I prefer to wear here in our hot and humid weather.

The thing is–I shouldn’t have ordered a pair in the first place.

My sister, who we will be staying with during the trip, emailed me earlier saying she was gonna order for us suede Bearpaw booties. Remarking that, “It’s better to be warm than stylish in winter.” Which worried my vain-pot-self a little. The picture attached in her email justified my prejudice. I thought, I’ll look like an Eskimo wearing those. Sorry, Eskimos!

Anyway. Serve me right. I was judging just by looks.

But I’ll still bring them along. Just in case they fit my sister. Her feet are a tad smaller than mine.

Hopefully they do. It’ll be a sort of peace offering from me because I was judging her taste in boots without her even knowing about it and me not trying them on first.

Besides, even though she’s not a native, she’s lived there long enough to know what’s suitable for the weather.

Serve me right. Bad Joy.