The Lift

It was raining like crazy yesterday morning.The Lift

Rene and I readied our umbrellas even before we stepped out of our door to catch the public bus to school.

In the lift we bumped into a neighbour and her daughter.

After the goodmornings and all that she offered to give us a lift in her car because her daughter goes to the school just adjacent to Rene’s.

When we were at the parking lot, she asked me whether I was still coming along. I was puzzled at first and then understood when she told me that their car was a two-seater.

Her husband (I presume) was already at the wheel and her daughter will be at the front seat. So it’ll be a tight squeeze if I came along with Rene and my neighbour at the back.

“Oh okay,” I said and turned to Rene whether it’ll be okay with him if he went alone with “Auntie” in her car.

Rene nodded without any qualms. “Auntie” took his backpack and put it in the boot.

I turned to her daughter and told her that she may not understand Rene’s speech if she happens to ask him anything. A sort of warning that it’s better not to engage him in a conversation. She smiled and seemed to understand.

Before getting in the car, I reminded Rene that I’ll be fetching him after school, okay? Okay, he says.

With everybody in the car, I thought I’d hang around to wave Rene off but I couldn’t see through the dark-tinted windows.

Oh well. He’ll be fine, I assured myself.

And when I went to fetch him a few hours later, there he was with his usual shy smile.

All’s well that ends well.

Okay. So what’s the PURPOSE of this anecdote?

I’m making a wild guess:

Sometimes we need the uplifting of friends in order for us to realize our PURPOSE in this realm.

What are friends for, right?