The T-Rex

T-Rex copyI love my kids to death. They always make me laugh.

Danielle did that just a while ago.

You see, ever since we gave up religion our Sundays have been lazy, hazy days.

Meaning we can do whatever we want. Anytime we want.

No obligations whatsoever.

So today, since Rene and Danielle woke up rather late and had brunch instead of breakfast, I told them they can eat their lunch when…well, when they want to eat lunch.

I had mine at 1pm coz I had an early breakfast.

Rene had his at around 2:30.

Danielle finally came out of her “nesting” place and complained of hunger.

Mum. I wanna eat.

Eat loh! The food’s right there. Microwave if you like. (I was watching TV with mum.)

I’m a T-Rex, mum.


I’m a T-Rex. See? I cannot reach. (She hunched and suddenly she seemed to have sprouted short arms by clutching them to her chest with fingers wriggling helplessly.)

(I laughed and loved my daughter’s crazy imagination even when she gets on my nerves.) Ayoh! Must I do everything?

So I proceeded to be the doting mother that I am and prepared her lunch.

Talk about lazy, hazy Sundays…

When it comes to The True God, there’s no such thing as OBLIGATION. GOD IS FREE. WE ARE FREE.

If you do not reach for what you want, you will never have what you want.