Mum’s Teleserye

Here’s another snippet from one of mum’s teleserye which I happen to watch while passing by the TV.

Two young guys are chatting outside their college. One seems distracted.

You seem distracted. What’s up?

I’m waiting for Kristin.

Well, I don’t see her around. Wait a sec. I don’t see Joaquin either. So they must be together. (He grins and watches his friend intently for some reaction.)

Yeah so?

So, I can tell you like her a lot.


Well, don’t worry. Coz you’ll be happy to hear if they ever do get to be together, their relationship will never last. You’ll get your chance.

Why would I be happy? If they are meant to be together then I’ll be happy for them.

Whatever. I’m just saying it like it is. Joaquin may be showing everyone he is head over heels in love with her but when it comes to his own family, it’s another story.

What do you mean?

Well, during dinner, he doesn’t mention a single word about Kristin to his parents. Especially his mother.


His mother will hit the roof if she knew he was dating a girl who is a caregiver.

(His friend stares at him.)

End of scene.

Before leaving Mum to watch by herself, I thought–good luck to that girl. Coz her future boyfriend’s got a lot on his plate when it comes to living his life with pride and prejudice.

Got To Believe