Bringing Awareness – Exploitation of the Young

Korean Concert

I’m NOT posting this for the sole purpose of bringing awareness.

I’m posting this because I’m angry and disappointed. I speak for all the young fans, mostly young girls, who have been affected by this nonsense. 

My daughter’s cool about it. But I know better. She was so excited and so looking forward to this event. She told me some of her friends even saved up for the most expensive tickets (SGD $600) so they can see their idols up close and have been preparing banners, posters, etc and gifts to bring along to the event. As for the full refund of our tickets–well, whatever. To me, that is secondary to my daughter’s disappointment.

Why can’t people for once stop thinking of themselves and how much profit they can squeeze out of others for their own advantage?

Oh please don’t tell me, “How do you know money is the issue of the cancellation?”

Well then, I ask you–what else can it be? Just Google and you’ll know…


And I’m not just talking about the fans.

I’ve watched some behind-the-scenes videos of these performers with my daughter. It’s heartbreaking to see some of them cry when they are watching video-mail of their parents and families because their careers have taken them away from home for far too long. 

I can tell these kids love what they are doing. I only wish the entertainment industry can find a way to balance family and career so that their young lives are not compromised.

There. I’ve had my say. Whew! It feels good to vent.

Everything has a purpose, right?

I’m hoping the event will still go ahead. Thank you God, that the companies involved will resolve their differences and the concert will be held as planned and not disappoint fans. Amen.