Neale’s Words Of Wisdom

…This business of expressing Divinity is not something I have to do, it is not a requirement placed before me by a demanding deity. It is an invitation, brought to me by God through the process of Life Itself.

Why bother accepting the invitation when we don’t have to — and when doing so can sometimes be challenging? Well, my own life has shown me that doing so produces the most joyous, the most serene, the most inwardly peaceful, the most whole and complete and perfect and blissful and soft and gentle and totally wonderful experience of myself that I have ever had, or could have ever imagined or hoped or dreamed I would have, on this earth. 

If my desire in life is to be happy and to reside in a place of inner peace, stepping aside from turmoil and struggle, the experience of limitation and lack, and the impression that I am being hurt or damaged in any way by any circumstance or situation whatsoever — if that is truly the desire of my life — then I have found the perfect formula. And that would be the reason to accept this invitation. Not because I “have to,” but because it’s the fastest way to achieve what I wish to achieve in as many moments as possible between now and death.

Of course, there is no “death” in the sense of an “end to life.” I use the word “death” here to mean the celebration of my Continuation Day. (excerpt from CWG Foundation)

My sentiments exactly. Especially those words in BOLD… Thanks, Neale!