The Strappy Sandals

The Strappy SandalsThis happened today on my way home with Rene.

My friend’s strappy sandal fell apart while she was walking.

She was cool about it, giggling and laughing all the way to the bus stop. She found it amusing because she looked like she had a limp.

I told her to look around for a string or something that may secure the loose straps. We couldn’t find any so she tried as much as possible to insert the straps back into the slots.

I thought of cutting the string from Rene’s school apron when one of his school-mates offered a Band-Aid. Helpful Girl was also a special needs person with a speech impediment.

My friend thanked her and proceeded to repair her sandal. She stuck the bandage so that the strap in between the big toe and the middle toe stayed in place.

“Won’t work lah. That’s not gonna work,” I said.

Helpful Girl looked at me. Oops. Shut up, Joy!

“It will. It will,” said my friend. She beamed at Helpful Girl and stood up testing the repaired sandal.

Well, now. It did work.

“Very smart of you,” I said as I patted Helpful Girl on the shoulder. She smiled at me.

The bus came and my friend thanked Helpful Girl again and waved goodbye, with sandals still holding on. For how long, I don’t know. I’ll ask her tomorrow.

God does not judge so we should refrain from judging others on what they can or cannot do.