The Phone

The Phone

Two neighbors were talking over the fence when one of their phones at home rang.

It kept ringing for a while.

The owner did not seem to have the inclination to answer it.

Neighbor #1: Isn’t that your phone?

Neighbor #2: Yup.

Neighbor #1: Aren’t you gonna answer it?

Neighbor #2: Nope.

Neighbor #1: Might be important.

Neighbor #2: They’ll call back.

The phone kept quiet.

Neighbor #2: The phone is for MY convenience, not theirs. Now is not convenient.

I got this anecdote from the Reader’s Digest a long, long time ago. God has been bugging reminding me to get it OUT THERE. For what purpose I know not what. I’m just a messenger…

Here’s a question: Does this count for emails or text messages? (Home phones are slowly fading into history…) I don’t think so coz emails and text messages are already understood that they will be answered at the convenience of the receiver. I just answered my own question…

And a rule of thumb when it comes to my handphone : No Caller ID, No Answer. (Coz if someone’s gonna try to sell me something, please, let’s not waste each other’s time..)