FacebookHas this happened to you before?

When private messaging a friend on your Facebook, you can sense that someone else was reading it besides the person it was intended for?

It has to me.

A friend’s daughter and I didn’t connect so well when we first met face to face. I felt her grudge even thousands of miles away.

The private message was about the schedule of a trip I was going to with my friend.

Somehow or other my “friend” seemed to have messed up the dates whereby I wasn’t able to go.

Fortunately, I managed to re-book my airline tickets to accommodate the dates.

I replied with a message saying I knew exactly what was going on and could my “friend” please tell her mom not to let anyone else access her Facebook account because if she’s not concerned with her own privacy at least be concerned with the privacy of others.

Then I BLOCKED her.

But all’s well that ends well. When I met up with my friend, I told her about it. Now, I know it’s her who is managing her own Facebook account. Maybe…