I had a big row with Dad last night.

I know, child.

Why can’t I control my temper? I cannot be a master if I’m always losing my temper now, can I?

Who says?


What did I say?

You told Neale that masters always choose love. Blowing my temper is not love.

Then what is it?


If blowing your temper is not love then what is it?


Do you hate your father?

No! I love my father!

Then why did you blow your temper with him?

I don’t know! Maybe it’s been building up for the longest time and something just had to give.

What has been building up, child?

The tension. Last night he was being petty and unreasonable. He accused Danielle of something without any proof and when it comes to defending my kids I’ll fight tooth and nail no matter who you are. Anyway, I’m thinking he was probably the one guilty of the misdeed. He could have just forgotten. He’s very forgetful nowadays. I mean, it’s understandable at his age. He’s nearing 80.

And what has caused the tension?

The tension was about mum. She and dad are always bickering about the most trivial stuff. I mean, it may be normal for old couples but the underlying reason is what’s causing me the tension. The thing is dad doesn’t treat mum as an equal. He trivializes her opinions and sometimes even makes fun of them. I have been ignoring it for the longest time. I guess, last night something just had to give.

Your father is from the Old World, child.

You mean, the Old World where women are considered lesser than men?

Yes. It is difficult to change the mindset of the elderly because they are already set in their ways. Meaning, they have lived and breathed the Old World for far too long that a drastic change in their way of thinking may be nearly impossible.

I was thinking of giving him CWG Bk 1 as a Christmas present.

You may if you really want to.

Nah. I don’t think he’ll read it. I have never seen him ever read a paperback. The newspaper is his best friend.

The truth comes to those who are ready for it, child.

Yeah. Anyway, last night he finally got to know what I thought of the way he was treating mum. And he seemed surprised. He was totally unaware he was doing anything wrong. Until I highlighted it to him–that it wasn’t right the way he was treating mum by making fun of her all the time and not taking her opinions seriously and all that. Voices were raised between the two of us. I did apologize after, just to let him know that I still had respect for him as a father . I just had to say My Truth. Today he seemed a little somber.

How do you feel about that?

That he’s somber?


I’m not gonna lie. I’m actually a little glad.


I’m glad because maybe he realizes he was in the wrong. Not that I’m right or anything but at least I have said My Truth albeit in a not-so-nice way.

Sometimes one has to be unpleasant to get the message across.

You’re kidding. Seriously? I thought all masters are pleasant. Even when someone’s plonking a crown of thorns on their head.

Where did you get that idea?

From the…Never mind. I don’t wanna go there. Anyway, so what You’re saying is I’m still coming from love even when I’m losing my temper?

The opposite of love is not hate, remember? What is it?

Indifference. So if I was indifferent to how dad has been treating mum that would mean I didn’t love him. Which is of course, untrue.

You care about your parents so much that your soul had to intervene.

And so my soul lost its temper?


But my soul is You. You never lose Your temper.

Who says?

Aargh! God doesn’t get angry, remember?

I Am you. You are Me. And who is in this realm right now?


You. I put YOU in this realm in order for Me to experience every emotion there is including anger. So do you still think I do not get angry?

Oh, I get it. You get angry through me. God does not get angry per se. I get angry FOR you. Wait a sec. That’s not fair! Then I’ll be the one getting into trouble. While You’re scot free.

I’m not the only one who is Free. You are Free, child. You have Free Will. You can choose every emotion there is. And you choose them for a certain purpose. You choose them in order for you to experience whatever you wish to experience. And let Me just say–you choose, that is, your soul chooses all the people you will interact with in this realm. You even chose your parents in order for you to experience the agenda of your soul.

Yeah, I guessed as much. My purpose is to empower women so I chose a father who is from the Old World where women are considered lesser than men so that I may experience how women are treated lesser than men. Because in order to empower you have to be powerless yourself. So, just to clarify, a master still gets angry.

Of course. Now how a master wants to experience that anger is entirely up to him. He will express his anger in a way that will serve his soul’s purpose. If he wishes to express his anger through love, why not? And remember, the opposite of love is not hate–

It is indifference.