Thank You, Kind Souls

There’s one thing I forgot to tell you about BOOMS.

I only just realized it when I’ve been getting a lot of them via my emails. And I mean, A LOT.

Sometimes, there can be like 4 or 5 copies of the same email popping in my Inbox. Either the messenger is forgetful or is trying very hard to send me a certain “message.”

The message does BOOM at me but there’s no sense of urgency to create my reality. As in take action.

And believe me, I know exactly what that sense of urgency feels like.

If let’s say, God asks me to post something in my blog, there will be no second thoughts about it. You couldn’t drag me away from my keyboard even if the house was on fire.

Anyway, as a messenger myself, I have special instructions from The Boss on when and how I should create my reality.

And creating my reality means the agenda of my Soul. And my Soul is God.

And if God says “ignore” then I have to ignore certain BOOMS.

But thank you kind Souls, for the messages.