Dani’s Promotion


Teacher: So Danielle, have you decided? Do you wanna transfer to Express next year?

Danielle: Um…No, thanks. I wanna stay in Normal Academic.

Teacher: What did your mum say?

Danielle: She told me I have to decide for myself. Anyway, I don’t want the stress.

Teacher: Oh okay…

The teacher just gave me a call a while ago to make sure I knew about her promotion. I repeated what Danielle said–she has to decide for herself. Besides, school life is not just about grades and studying all the time. It’s about friendship and memories that will last a lifetime…Agree?

I’m very proud of her…And guess what, Danielle runs on her own steam. She does not have any tuition. (Eh Danielle, where you take tuition ah? I want to go also…I don’t have tuition…WHAT?! Crazy? So good one ah?)

God does not force us to do anything. We should refrain from doing it to others.

Life is simple. It is you who make it complicated.