Neale’s Words of Wisdom

Do you ever wonder why things are happening the way they are in your life?

Well, let me tell you one of the secrets I learned through my conversations with God:

Everything is perfect just as it is, in every moment.

Now, it’s very easy to say something like “everything is perfect,” or “everything happens for a reason” . . .

But in my case, before my conversations with God began, the only thing I knew for sure was that nothing felt perfect to me.

And yet the message was clear: I needed to see the perfection in all the current circumstances of my life—there were no mistakes, nothing was wrong—in fact, I needed to turn my frustrations into a celebration of all I was learning and experiencing.

This secret changed my life forever.

Your reaction to the idea that “everything is perfect just as it is” may well have been the same one I had all those years ago when God said it to me.

“How am I supposed to see the perfection of living on the street for a year, or having no money, or my relationship having fallen apart, or my family turning away from me? My health was going downhill, too. What could possibly be perfect about any of that?”

That’s exactly what I asked God, and the message I received changed my life. It led me to a place of clarity and understanding that I now want to share with you . . .

Because unless you know what it is you are trying to do in your life, and unless you deeply understand the process that is required in order to do it, seeing the perfection is difficult—and yet it is the key to being free from struggle, suffering and shame.

So take a moment right now, and consider something in your life that frustrates you or saddens you. For me it was that I was in dire straits at that time in my life, living on the streets and feeling abandoned.

What is it for you right now?

I ask you this because when I asked God to explain why I suffered as I did, and what could possibly be perfect about it, I was told something very important:

“Suppose you decided that you are the light. Just say these words to me, Neale, say: ‘I am the light’.”

So I did.

And then God asked me: “How would you know you were the light if there weren’t darkness?”

Then God used the example of a candle in the bright midday sunlight, standing there among millions of other candles.

How could the candle even experience itself as light when it was surrounded by light?

Only in a room of darkness could the candle experience its own light.

And then God said: “I will surround you with darkness. Yet, when you are surrounded with darkness, raise not your fist to heaven and curse not the darkness, but use the darkness that you might know who you really are.”

It’s a beautiful metaphor, and one that made profound sense to me, even then.

But I was still struggling with one thing, so I asked God: “How does that awareness work with my day-to-day ‘on the ground’ existence? How do I face the darkness of everyday life?”

God said: “There is a real simple trick here, Neale. It’s called Gratitude. Your job is to be grateful for every condition and circumstance in life, no matter how imperfect you imagine it to be.”

And that’s exactly what I’ve tried to do ever since—a path that has led me to be here right now, offering this very same gift of wisdom to you.

The message of Gratitude is an acknowledgment of perfection.

Because, as it was explained to me, everything is perfectly designed and has been called forth by you and those around you in a collaborative effort to provide the perfect opportunity to express perfection through you—to express who you choose to experience yourself as.

I know you’re familiar with gratitude and why it’s important, but there is a dimension of gratitude I rarely hear discussed . . . and that’s magnitude.

Because when I looked at how much darkness had seeped into my life, I said: “Yes, God, I understand . . . but why do I have to deal with so much darkness?”

And God said: “It depends on how much of a master you want to be. The higher level of mastery you call forth, the greater the challenges.”

What that means is that each of us must bless these chances to express Perfection—even when the day-to-day challenges are numerous and difficult.

In fact, especially when they are numerous and difficult, for they are simply the equal and opposite force to our own immensity and greatness that we are calling forth from within us.

But if we instead pass judgement on our daily life challenges and make them “wrong” and resist them, we end up feeling trapped by them, and as though it’s not even possible to have a life of joy.

We feel defeated by life instead of realizing how every single one of our circumstances actually provides a means for us to express our Perfection.

We’ve seen all the great masters and spiritual leaders do this in their lives as wonderful examples for us. As in the case of Jesus: when he forgave the people who persecuted him, he was not saying that it was okay for them to abuse, accuse, and ultimately kill him.

Rather, his forgiveness was his way of showing gratitude for those challenges, by giving him the strength to meet them as exactly who he was—a man of compassion, love, and understanding.

Because every single one of your daily challenges is an invaluable opportunity for you to access your own greatness.