Best Friends

Cinema One Global, a Filipino movie cable channel is showing free movies until this Friday (I think).

Mum was watching. I happened to pass by and stopped to watch for a few minutes. We were going out to lunch after.

The movie was already into the second half. It was “BESPRENS” starring Judy Ann Santos and Manilyn Reynes.

What I gathered from the tail-end—two best friends who were from the province meet again in the city.

It seems the Province Girl showed up, uninvited at her best friend’s doorstep in the city with her whole family in tow. They were kicked out of their home in the province and since none of them had a job, the province girl came to the city so that she and her siblings can look for work.

But in the meantime, could the whole family stay in the City Girl’s two-storey house?

City Girl was hesitant at first because the whole family was a rowdy bunch. She eventually capitulated because she had a soft heart and what are friends for anyway, right?

And of course they cause mayhem from Day 1. The men in the family invite others for drinking parties, the kids mess up the place, hours of long-distance calls were made on her phone, “I’ll pay you later! Don’t worry!” slurred the drunken brother.

City Girl was stressed out and finally confronts her best friend. City Girl asks Province Girl when she’ll start looking for a job and when will her family be able to contact another family member who lives in the city as well.

Province Girl gets upset because reading between the lines it all boiled down to one question—when will they leave City Girl’s house?

Province Girl is hurt—“Don’t worry! We’re leaving first thing in the morning! Don’t worry if we just end up in the streets with no roof above our heads, no food to eat and no money to buy anything! Don’t worry about us! We’re leaving! I’ll tell everyone to start packing now!” she shouts in between sobs. (Guilt trip, you think?)

City Girl tries to console her and her soft heart betrays her again. She capitulates once more and lets them stay on a few more days. Hugs, hugs, kiss, kiss. I love you, best friend. Me too. Blah, blah blah…

And of course, mayhem resumes to the point where City Girl’s neighbors seek her out and complain about the ruckus her house-guests were making. Her stress indicator finally hit the roof when the TV nearly blew up and her house-guests almost burned down the house.

Province Girl realizes City Girl really meant business the second time around when City Girl screams and shouts at them to leave her house there and then.

City Girl pulls her best friend to one side to say Her Truth.

“You know, don’t get me wrong. You are still my best friend. I am very, very grateful for the times when you have been very good to me in the past, helping me out and all that while we were still in the province. But now I feel that you are using THAT to make me obligated to help you out. You and your whole family. I don’t like feeling that way! Please don’t make me feel obligated. I still need some peace and privacy. I have to be true to myself. Can you understand that?” pleads City Girl.

Province Girl is hurt and the confrontation do not end on a good note. The whole family finally packs and leaves in a taxi to who knows where with City Girl’s neighbor bidding them a gleeful farewell. City Girl sadly stares at the leaving taxi through an upstairs window. Her best friend feels the same way.

City Girl looks around the now quiet house and finds a letter in her bedroom. It was from her best friend. In the letter, Province Girl assures her that she bears no grudge and still considers her as her best friend forever.

Fast forward—City Girl is in a business meeting with two gentlemen in a restaurant and guess who passes by their table with a tray of food? Yup, Province Girl.

City Girl suppresses her excitement upon seeing her and excuses herself from the table.

The two best friends hug and kiss with little excited jumps and little screams. How are you?… What are you doing here?…I have a job now, of course! Not much pay but better than nothing…That’s wonderful!…blah blah blah.

And the story finally ends with City Girl introducing Province Girl to the two gentlemen. And it seems one of them needs a secretary and City Girl suggests–why not offer it to Province Girl since she’s worked in a mayor’s office before?

The End.

So why am I relating this? Because it BOOMED at me, that’s why!

And the lessons?

Stop betraying yourself. Or you’ll end up joyless and lifeless because you are letting others control your soul’s desires.

Be true to yourself. Be Who You Really Are and NOT what others want you to be. Once you create your reality of Who You Really Are others will also experience Who They Really Are. The outcome may not be obvious at first but it will work out for the good of everyone in the long run.

Don’t make others feel obligated to repay the good deeds you have bestowed upon them. That’ll be rather redundant, don’t you think?