The Holy Family

This happened to me a while ago…

I was waiting at the bus stop with a few others on my way to fetch Rene when a Caucasian man and an Asian lady approached me.

Man: Excuse me, could you tell me if there’s a Catholic Church nearby?

Me: (I pointed behind me) Oh yes. There’s one along that road behind those houses.

Lady: I forget the name. What’s the name?

Me: Holy Family. The Church of The Holy Family. (The church I use to go to and where Mr Untouchable lives.)

Lady: Oh yes! Thank you.

Man: Thank you very much.

Me: You’re welcome.

And off they went.

I was wondering–there must be a purpose for this.

God whispered: Just because your beliefs are different doesn’t mean you deter others from theirs.

(By the way, I posted this on my WordPress mobile app right after the incident. Oh the wonders of technology! Real time blogging. Awesome.)