Plane Ticket

I am writing about this incident now because I won’t get any sleep if I don’t.

Remember my post “Grrrr!!”? Well, my Filipina friend is leaving for Manila at 6am tomorrow morning.

At around 10:30pm just now, before I hit the sack, I thought I’d send her a farewell text message. I was about to reach for my phone when it rang.

It was her.

She was upset because it seems her airline ticket hasn’t been printed because her ward’s (another older sibling) printer ran out of ink. And this ticket was supposedly booked about a month ago?

She was desperate because it was so late at night and she didn’t know what to do. Her ward did not help things by telling her to go to the airport even without a printed ticket. My blood was starting to boil at this time. She was near to tears.

I told her (and myself) to calm down. I thought for a minute and came up with a solution. I gave her my email address. I told her to pass it to her ward so he can email me the document of the airline ticket. And then I’ll print it for her. Then I told her I’ll meet her at her block’s void deck. Fortunately, she lived only a few blocks away.

All went according to plan. At the void deck she hugged and thanked me several times. She was so thankful she ended up crying.

Another problem that cropped up is that it seems her employer has not cancelled her work permit as of today. She’s just worried it will never get cancelled and she’ll have a problem returning to work here again. I was thinking—that’s actually a good thing.

And here’s another thing—she won’t be able to get some sleep before she leaves at around 4am for the airport because she still has some “stuff” to do. Oh yeah, like the world will end if it doesn’t get done.

I told her not to worry. She’s finally going home to her family after more than two years. She should be overjoyed. Actually, she’s not. She’s already worried about her family’s future.

Before she disappeared behind the lift doors, I thought—what a lovely, sweet girl. She deserves so much more than the life she’s having now.

My heart was heavy when I returned home.

Why am I writing this? I am bringing awareness to the problems helpers are facing today.

And this girl’s problem? It’s Easy Street compared to the other problems related to me by others.

And that is because–The soul leads you to the right and perfect opportunities for you to experience exactly what you had planned to experience. What you actually experience is up to you. ~ CWG