Old Shoes

Two words, God—Janet Napoles

Three words—Money is evil.

But You said–

No. That is not what I mean.

What do You mean?

Do you see the contradiction? Your religions promulgate that money is evil and yet many of you are guilty of hoarding money and using it for a selfish purpose. As in to indulge oneself in abundance when it was meant for the good of many. (By the way , there is no such thing as “evil.” There is such a thing called “creating”).

Please don’t include me. I’m a very frugal person.

I know. Therein lies another wrong impression about money. You are in fear of lack that you are depriving yourself and your children joy in this life.

I know. I’m sorry. I am trying to change. I realize now that You will provide whatever I will need to survive in life. My kids, especially Danielle is wonderful enough to know what we can and cannot afford to a point where she will refuse any extra allowance from me if she’s running low during the week. What I can’t figure out about her is her obsession with wearing the same old, dirty, worn-out school shoes day in and day out for months now. I can afford to buy her two pairs or three pairs even of new shoes but she refuses to wear them because she thinks the designs are uncool. I ended up giving them away to my Filipina friends to give to their children or whoever. And she refuses to wash them herself! Look at this picture: I mean, go figure!
Old Shoes2







This looks COOL?! I don’t understand!

15 minutes later

I had to pause writing this because I finally gave in. I washed her shoes myself. There is no such thing as “power play” when it comes to love of family. What you do for others you do for your Self kind of thing, you know? Her shoes will still be worn out but at least it’s clean come Monday.

How do you feel?

Kinda nice, actually.


Well, because I love my kids. And You love us. God will give us EVERYTHING in order for us to experience joy in this realm. And since I Am You and You are me, I should treat my family the same way. I’m getting there, God.

Yes, child. It takes a while to get use to the philosophy of the New Spirituality. Trying is at least a beginning.

Thank you. Baby steps, right?

Right. I Am a gentle God. I do not rush things. May I suggest you do the same?

I’m trying!

Good enough.