Bus Fare

Everything has a purpose. Tell them your bus fare, child.

No, God, no!

Yes. Tell them.

Can’t we just keep that a secret?

Then how will they know who they’re dealing with? You have been chosen.

Then what happened to, “Go forth and proclaim the love of God with humility.”

You can be humble and have self-confidence at the same time. Too much of either one and you will be separating yourself from other souls.

Huh? I don’t think one can be too humble.

Yes you can. Too much humility and everyone will step all over you.

A push-over, You mean. I think You have someone in mind?

Yes. Too much humility is another term for betraying yourself. If you keep betraying yourself you are depriving others of their chance to experience themselves within the context of Who You Really Are. Decisions you make based on Who You Really Are, meaning experiencing the purpose of your Soul, are experienced by others as well within the context of Who They Really Are. Other than that then both souls lose out. All of you will only have lost souls in your midst. So, are you or are you not going to tell others your bus fare? Because that is Who You Really Are. That is My Gift To You and to others whose lives you will touch. Are you ashamed of–

Fine! Fine! Fine! Aaargh! My bus fare to and from Rene’s school is $1.11. There. Happy now?