Violence in Women

I just read this article on Yahoo Singapore. “Chai Chee incident shows need for stronger conflict resolution measures.” (link – Viewer discretion is advised; material contains violence)

The violence in the video has left me shaken. A conflict between two women ended up with one of them violently beating up the other until she was unconscious.

Why am I posting this? Here’s why:

Oh man. I can’t. I just can’t. I can’t even type it out. My hands are shaking from the atrocity of it!

Try, my dear one. If it has affected you this much then it must be brought out into the world as well. Awareness is the key to solving all problems. How can you solve a problem if you do not acknowledge it? Acknowledging it is owning it. Meaning, you must take responsibility for the problem in order to solve it. If everyone constantly thinks, “Oh, that’s not my problem. Let somebody else fix it!” or “Thank goodness! It happened over there and not here.” then all the problems in the world will never be fixed. ALL must take responsibility for ALL the problems in the world. Your collective consciousness is a powerful force. It can destroy your world or it can fix it. If all of you can only agree to fix it then at least that is a beginning. It is not totally impossible. You may think your effort in bringing awareness to the world may seem inconsequential but remember this–it only takes a drop of a tiny pebble to begin a ripple in an otherwise dormant sea. You are that pebble, my dear one. Along with many others, like Neale. Persevere. Sowing the seeds of LOVE is a beginning.. – Grand Canyon

…women have only got so much STRENGTH and LOVE to give before they themselves give in to FEAR. And THAT is when this realm will REALLY be in trouble. – Angelina