The Cinnamon Stick


I just made poached pear for dessert.

No. No. This one turned out just fine. Unlike my pineapple disaster.

It’s one of my favorite desserts and the family loves it too. The liqueur that I add to the poaching water makes it taste really indulgent and classy.

The recipe also calls for a stick of cinnamon to add some spice to the liquid concoction which I’ll turn into a sauce for the poached pear later.

I’ve already used half of the cinnamon sticks contained in a plastic bottle. The other pieces seem to be stuck at the bottom half.

I peek through the opening of the bottle and the sticks reminded me of those terracotta soldiers standing in their rows and rows of dug out clay in China.

As for my cinnamon sticks, they were shoulder to shoulder and stuck good in their little hole.

I tapped the bottom of the bottle on the counter. Nope.

I tapped it upside down. Nope. Only a few tiny chips fell out.

I grabbed a knife and poked and jabbed. Nope. No go. Only a few unsightly broken pieces fell on the counter.

Light Bulb!

Pliers! That’s what I need.

I found a pair of long-nosed pliers in my art and craft tool-box. This’ll do the trick.

And it did. The pointy nose of my pliers slipped right through the space in between the sticks and gripped the bark with ease.

Sometimes you just have to use the unconventional to make things work.

And now that one stick is out of the bottle the rest jiggled easily. I’m rest assured that they’ll be easy to remove once I need them in the future.

My poaching liquid smelled lovely and I’m sure the family will definitely have a satisfying dessert tonight.

The old kind of leader said, “Follow me.” The new leader says, “I’ll go first.” ~ CWG

It was weird using the pliers so I took a pic of it.

And that’s my beautiful poached pear. I’m showing off, I know…Indulge me, okay?