Free Will vs Control

God, You say You do not control what happens in our lives. But lately I’ve noticed that with regards to what I’ve been posting in my blog, there are some things that I’m very sure were Your doing. Do You or do You not have control?

Firstly, let Me explain what control means. Control, as in the context of what’s happening to you as a messenger means I put certain things, people or circumstances in your way in order for you to create your reality. Since you are to accomplish My Purpose, I will persist with my signs and hints until you create your reality. Do not mistake control as the antonym of Free Will. Control should be interpreted as guides or directions in which way you should go or what decisions to make. Ultimately you are still your own boss. The final decision is still yours not Mine. Now, when others are concerned, especially those who DO NOT believe they are creators of their own realities, I can truly say I HAVE NO CONTROL of their realities. I will try to guide them but if they DO NOT LISTEN then it is for naught. It is as you say, like talking to the wall. Control therefore is not the word to use. I MERELY GIVE YOU GUIDANCE.