Oops! My Bad.

As a messenger, there are many times when I’ll go, “Oh man! Why did I do that?” and then break out in cold sweat.

Then I’ll remember this, “Everything has a purpose.” And I’ll calm down a bit.

Whew! That’s a relief.

God knows what He’s doing. She’s testing my aspects of divinity called FAITH and PATIENCE.

I’ll keep in mind that what I perceive as a “mistake” may not be a mistake at all when I look at Life through the eyes of my Soul.

God is perfect. God does not make mistakes.

But that doesn’t mean I will allow myself to be complacent when it comes to creating my reality.

Usually, the feeling I get when creating my reality has a certain sense of urgency to it.

The feeling that says, “Do it NOW!” In other words, FIRST THOUGHT – ACT FIRST, THINK LATER.

But there will be times when I WILL hesitate and think about it first.

That’s when I’ll go WITHIN by closing my eyes and ask, “God, do I really want to do this?”

If the FIRST answer that pops into my head is YES, then I WILL create.

If the FIRST answer that pops into my head is NO, then I will stop in my tracks and set it aside for the mean time. Be patient, Joy…

Or there will be a situation where I thought there’s a message God wants me to put out there but my Internet keeps getting disconnected at the most crucial time (upgrade to fibre-optics, woman! I can’t! The contract’s got another year to go, hello.) That’s a sure sign it wasn’t meant to be put out there. I’ll trust my instinct—Aka Soul.

Either way, there will still be times when I’m blogging where I’ll have to apologize for what seems to me are “mistakes” or faux pas (ooh, I can speak French) after I’ve clicked PUBLISH. Oh man! It’s gonna be in the emails!

But what’s done is done. No use crying over spilt milk and all that.

Then it’ll be a case of “LIGHT BULB!” while brushing my teeth or while putting on my makeup. So that’s the purpose! You’re real sneaky, God!


By the way, for sure there will be changes to this post after I publish…