Singapore’s Baby Boom (or rather, the lack of it…)

Just read this article “Singapore population growth hits 9-year low” on Yahoo Singapore. It’s also the headline in today’s papers.

The resident total fertility rate — defined as the average number of live births per woman during her reproductive years — was at 1.29 in 2012, up from 1.20 in 2011.

However, it was still well below the 2.10 level needed for the population to replace itself naturally — a baby shortage that the government tried to remedy with increased inflows of foreigners until the social backlash.

It brought to mind my write-up which I submitted to Yahoo Your View. Which didn’t get published…their loss, ha!

So here’s MY VIEW about the “baby” problem we’re having.

Yup, that’s right. It is OUR problem. All of us are responsible. Our collective consciousness is to blame.

(I emailed this to Yahoo Singapore Your View on 19 February 2013)

There Will Always Be Enough

So what’s this brouhaha over the Singapore government’s initiative to increase its population by 30 % by 2030? My family is going to be living here for the next 30 to 40 years or until my return to the other realm. It has got to affect us directly somehow. I feel like it’s a dormant volcano that has suddenly started to simmer without everyone being aware of it. It may just erupt anytime, catching everyone by surprise. So I thought I should give the issue my two cents worth.

Life is a cycle as you know. Singapore was a solely Malay-populated island before it was discovered. Upon that discovery is the realization that there is a pot of gold to be had here. The word spread far and wide, attracting many races and nationalities making their homes and livelihood here. Singapore is what it is today because of the cooperation and collaboration of its multi-racial forefathers to prosper the country.

Whether we are aware of it or not, another cycle has begun. The ageing population is proof of “out with the old, in with the new” (not to be crass). Since there are fewer babies being born due to a collective consciousness of “there is not enough” the government has taken its initiative to come up with a way of replenishing the natural resources of the country. That which is its people. Thus, the government’s revamping of immigration policies to attract foreigners to populate the country.

In my opinion, we are lucky to have such a government that looks out for our well-being as well as the well-being of our children’s children.

The brouhaha that has sprouted from this issue is actually the source of the problem itself. Meaning, the population itself is the cause of the problem. If the population can change its collective consciousness into convincing itself that there will always be enough of everything to go around, the problem may be alleviated.

If each newly married couple can convince themselves that they can provide for 3, 4 or more children with basic needs then we are on our way to a population overhaul. The problem lies in the mentality of not having enough. Fear of not being able to provide our children with enough education, enough material possessions, enough entertainment, enough pleasure or everything associated with good living.

A child is a blessing. A child is born out of love. There is not one mother who will tell you she did not love the child she bore. Even those who gave the baby away due to unfavorable circumstances will tell you a part of them went with the child.

A child is a blessing not a curse. But these days that is the way couples see it. “A curse to curb my current lifestyle. A curse that will drain my finances. A curse to take care of 24/7. One or two is enough. More than that and we’ll be heading straight to the poor house.”

The government is not the one to blame. The blame lies in us. We must change our collective consciousness in order to renew and replenish the population.

A cycle can only begin when something ends. And that something is within us. That something is FEAR. Fear of not having enough.

There will ALWAYS be enough.