Rotten Chickens

rotten chickens

There was this incident that happened last Sunday. The same day when I encountered Mr Heckler and his gang. I’ve been trying to figure out what’s the connection and what’s the purpose.

It only dawned on me this morning.

But first I have to say—this “awareness” and “power within” are so awesome! (Thank you, God!) I mean, it’s like I’m bombarded with stuff that’s related to my Life’s Purpose.

With all these ideas I get from living LIFE, I’ll be able to keep this blog alive and kicking until the day I kick the bucket. It will be inexhaustible!

My children’s children’s children will have plenty to read about The New World and hopefully apply the philosophy to their daily lives.

The only freaky thing about it is–I myself might be reading this very blog a few lifetimes from now without even knowing I wrote it. That is creepy.

Unless the Internet has drastically changed by then.

But I don’t think so.

It’ll probably just become sophisticated a la Robert Downey’s Ironman flicking his fingers in the air side to side and up and down and voila! A virtual screen pops out in front of you and there you are! The world wide web at your fingertips! Anywhere and everywhere. Humankind’s capability is awesome!

Anyway, I digress.

Where was I?

Oh yeah. The chicken.

This also happened last Sunday. I was in the bedroom applying my lip gloss when:

Rene: Mum, where you going?

Me: I’m returning the chicken.

Rene: ???

Danielle: What?

Me: Lala bought a rotten chicken.

Danielle: Why she buy rotten chicken?

Mum from the dining area: I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS ROTTEN!

You see, Mum would usually go the supermarket after attending mass and after having lunch out. (Only her and dad. I’m not into religion anymore, remember?) She would usually buy stuff for Sunday’s dinner. In order to avoid the Sunday crowd from our usual haunt of the high-end supermarket she would go to a mini-mart which is also nearby.

I was busy at my laptop when I heard her call out to me from the kitchen.

Mum: Joy, ‘lika nga! Tingnan mo ‘to. (Joy, come here! Take a look at this.)

Oh man! I’m gonna lose my train of thought…ooh, that makes me sound like a best-seller writer! Dream on, Joy…

Anyway, when I went to the kitchen she was manhandling and inspecting a whole fresh chicken as if it suddenly sprouted another head.

Mum: Amoyin mo. (Smell this.) Thrusting the chicken in my face.

Me: Eeewwww! Gross!

It stank to high heaven! It was so bad I nearly decorated the kitchen floor with my lunch.

Me: Saan mo binili? (Where’d you buy it?)

Mum: G**** E******

Me: Hindi mo ba chi-neck? (Didn’t you check?)

Mum: Paano? Eh naka plastic eh. Muka naman syang okay. (How? It’s covered with plastic. It looked okay.)

Me: Paano? Babalik mo? (So how? Are you returning it?)

Mum: Ay! Wagna. Pagod na ko. Nakakatamad. (Ay! No need. I’m tired. So lazy.)

That was a hint if I ever heard one.

Me: How much was it?

Mum: 6.30 lang naman. ($6.30 only.)

Me: But it’s a whole chicken, you know. Besides, they have to know they’re selling rotten stuff. It’s unhealthy. Can die from food-poisoning leh.

Mum: Hay! Pabayaan mo na. (Hay! Never mind.)

Me: Fine! I’ll return it.

I had no problem getting Mum’s $6.30 back although at first the employee was hesitant and suggested I exchange the chicken for another.

I looked at the other fresh-looking chickens covered with cling-wrap on Styrofoam plates and was contemplating it when I saw the sign above—OFFER: THAWED FROM FROZEN.

No wonder.

I changed my mind and told the manager, “No, thanks. I’d like my money back, please.”

While he was handing me the money I was thinking of telling him that he should check the other chickens in case the rest were rotten as well.

I kept mum.

On second thought, he’s already aware one chicken is in that condition. It’s up to him to decide what to do with the rest.

Before going home, I thought–Why don’t I buy another chicken at our usual supermarket? (Even though Mum didn’t really ask me to. Reason being—it makes me feel good, that’s all.)

I walked to the high-end supermarket a little further down the road. (I love walking. It’s good exercise.)

Yup, the Sunday crowd was busy doing their weekend shopping alright. Oh man, I’m just buying one chicken so…whatever.

I joined the snaking queue to pay for one chicken which wasn’t a bother at all because I had my iPhone to fiddle with while waiting.

I’m thinking—I don’t know why some people avoid crowds. I love people. I say, the more, the merrier.

Besides, if I avoid crowds I’ll have nothing to blog about.

Life’s lessons are learned from LIFE. And life is people. Agree? Agree.

So the fresh chicken that I bought cost a little more. But the extra cost was worth it because Mum’s Sunday dinner of chicken rice was awesome!

End of story.

I have decided this time I’m not gonna tell you the PURPOSE (a few, actually) I’ve discovered from my anecdote.

You wanna be a Messenger, right?

Well then, figure it out for yourself…

Heres’s a hint: It has something to do with Mr Heckler and his gang and the others they hang out with on weekends.

Good luck!

Oh and by the way–I consider myself an angel as well. I am here to help others experience their divinity, yes?