Mr Heckler

Mr Heckler2

Can you believe at the age of 50 I still get hecklers?

Although it may not be for the reason you have in mind.

Just this last Sunday, I was at my neighbourhood coffeeshop to buy lunch for my kids and myself when, as I was walking past a queue at a food stall, I heard a chap call out to his friends, “Hey! It’s that lady!” (Actually, it’s happened a couple of times before with heckling whistles and personal space invasion sort of thing…)

I ignored it. Was he referring to me? Could it be because of the way I was dressed?

I sweat perspire easily in Singapore’s hot and humid weather so it is not uncommon for ladies like myself to dress for comfort when they are simply visiting neighborhood shops. I guess my shorts were shorter than usual and my tank top was tighter and thinner than usual. Whatever. (Time for a wardrobe overhaul, anyway.)

“Hey, it’s that lady!” sounds like he knows me even though I have no idea who he is.

Then I realized—It’s my blog! That guy and his friends must be reading my blog! Awesome!

And considering the fact that my blog is more or less inclined towards feminist underpinning, I can understand how men in general may construe the message I would like to convey as biased towards their gender.

Guys, you cannot be more mistaken about this.

Without men, what’s the use of us women empowering ourselves? It’ll be rather redundant, don’t you think?

And besides, wouldn’t you guys like to unburden some of that load to us women with regards to how the world is being run at this moment in time? (And that goes for the spiritual aspect as well.)

Take a load of your back, so to speak. Take a break…Put your feet up…Let us women take some of the responsibility so you can enjoy the ride at the back seat for once…waddaya say?

Anyway. Mr Heckler, thank you. You’re an angel. (I have sent you nothing but angels.) Without you I wouldn’t have known there are men reading my blog. And I’ll have nothing to blog about today. Ha! Your pride has a little dent at the moment?

Either that or you are badly in need of eyes transplant.

Purpose #1 – In order for The New World to be realized we need the cooperation of both men and women.

Purpoe #2 – And ladies? If you want respect, then dress like you respect your Self. (Then what about your, “Once you care what others think of you, they own you” thingy?) You care about you. Aka “Believing in your Self.”