I just read Lisa McCormack’s beautiful post on theglobalconversation.

At the bottom, there was a comment by a reader that boomed at me:

She wrote–“On the other hand, I’m learning to “thank in advance” instead of “asking for” or imploring for (which evidences the lack of it, as stated in CwG). But I find this more difficult. I’m still shy and not sure about how to thank in advance for something I want to happen, specially when it relates to health issue. Perhaps I´m scared if the outcome is not what I want and then get disappointed…

That last statement? That is what is called “creating your reality.”

And the trick to not expecting what you want and and getting disappointed is (to me, anyway) NOT TO EXPECT ANYTHING AT ALL. No expectations.

Do you think God will give us anything that will disappoint us? I say, never!

It is our perception of what is “disappointing” and what is “awesome” that is messing around with our psyche.

The result of the creation of our realities may not be immediate but hang in there because the light will surely shine at the end of the tunnel.

God is gentle. We’ll never survive if we’re bombarded with our outcomes each and every time like cannonballs.

Think about it…