Big Bang

Danielle is a die-hard fan of the Korean Pop group Big Bang (she and millions of others…)

When the boy band was in Singapore to perform for F1 the other night, she was beside herself. She was so restless.

Danielle: *moan* Mum, they’re here. They’re here.

Me: You lah. Never keep track of their schedule. Tickets were probably on sale a year ago.

Danielle: *MOAN*

She began to have like breathing difficulties. You know, like she was doing the Lamaze breathing exercise for women about to go into labour.

Me: What are you doing?

Danielle: I’m breathing the same air as Big Bang…*inhale*, *exhale*, *inhale*, *exhale* (hands up and down)

Me: *rolls eyes*

My daughter and I–we’re like sisters…we’re both insane.

And here’s another anecdote that just happened a while ago. While the three of us were having lunch I gave her permission to listen to her Korean music while at the dining table. (The Sunday afternoon was too quiet…)

The song on her iPhone boomed at me. It was Bad Boy by Big Bang. The first two lines were in English.

Me: English song one ah?

Danielle: A few lines only.

Rene: *munching*

Me: Got subs on video or not?

Danielle: Dunno. Check loh. Why?

Rene: *munching*

Me: The song is shouting at me.

Danielle: Huh?

Me: You’re a messenger, you know or not?

Danielle: Do I get paid?

Me: Of course.

Danielle: What?

Me: Joy

Danielle: I don’t want you.

Me: Haha. Very funny.

Rene: *munching*

Here’s the video. And remember I don’t know what this is about. For now…