Have you updated to IOS 7.0 yet? I have. Last night.IPhone

“Mum, got new update,” says Danielle.

“What update?” I ask.

“IOS 7. I just updated,” she mumbles, fiddling with iPhone.

“Really? Ok.”

Not wanting to be swaku (out of date/from Hicksville) I grabbed my iPhone, clicked on SETTINGS, GENERAL, SOFTWARE UPDATE, TERMS & CONDITIONS? Yeah, yeah, yeah…whatever – I AGREE.

The progress bar popped out. Updating – 3 hours remaining. Aargh!

And it said it is advisable to charge while updating.

Oh man! Gotta leave this plugged in the whole night. I hate having to unplug my phone at 3am in the morning from fear of overcharging.

My iPad alarm went off at 5.

In the dark, I headed towards the silhouette of my white iPhone. Pulled out the charger and clicked the HOME button.


What happened? Everything’s so cartoonish!

Eeewww! Steve Jobs would be pulling at the collar of his black turtle-neck in sheer frustration right now if he saw this!

I want my 3D look back!

I should have checked Danielle’s phone first to see whether I’d like it instead of jumping right in.

“Danielle, can revert back to the old version or not?” I ask my daughter while she was tying her hair, getting ready for school.

“Don’t think so. Troublesome, I think.”

I decided I’m NOT gonna update my iPad Mini. I turned on Rene’s and sighed, missing the previous IOS already.

But when I had time to fiddle around with the new stuff while on the bus ride to and from Rene’s school, I began to appreciate the ease of clicking around the new changes and features.

It’s sort of streamlined now whereby the most used icons/apps are grouped together.

I’m not very good at explaining techy stuff. I guess you have to try it out yourself.

I’m still not won over by the new look but I am definitely liking the ease of use.

I just might update my iPad Mini…

Change Is Always For The Better.

To me, anyway.

(And by the way, I’m talking about spiritual change. When that happens, everything else will fall into place.)