All Of Us Are Messengers

Some of you may be thinking, “Oh c’mon. These conversations with God of hers? She’s making them all up!”

Of course, I am! Who else would be making them?

What I mean is—I truly believe God is using me as a tool/messenger to convey a message to the world (or certain individuals) like EVERYTHING else that exists in this realm.

And that includes you. You—who’s reading these words right now at this moment in time. You are a messenger. All of us are messengers.

Now, how do these conversations start?

Well, usually, there would be something I’ve read or I’ve seen something somewhere that will attract my attention. Or an action done by someone which will seem normal at the time but will haunt me again later on as something to post on my blog.

God calls it FIRST THOUGHT. It’ll be like—boom! That’s important!

Or a question will pop in my head and it’ll keep repeating itself like a blinking neon sign and it’ll leave me alone in peace only when I’ve typed it out or written it down somewhere.

All of these “awareness” will seem commonplace when they happen at the time that they happen.

God knows exactly when the message is needed and that is when I know I have to “create my reality”. Creating my reality means (to me anyway) to take action in order for God’s message to be realized.

Believe me when I say—I will start the conversation and from then on I have no idea where it will lead to or when it will end or what it contains.

In fact, while I’m typing out the words, they just seem like random words that pop into my head. Whatever. Just type ‘em or write ‘em down or something. I just know the conversation is done when I’ve typed the last punctuation mark and well…it feels that it’s done.

It is only after I’ve read and re-read the conversation that the message starts sinking in. (And this is the time when I correct the typos or sentence structure. Have to go for some writing workshop one of these days…)

Sometimes, the main message doesn’t hit me instantly. The realization and understanding may only come while I’m meditating or while I’m having a quick snooze or even doing something as menial as washing dishes. Oh man! So that’s Your message. Awesome!

Like what God mentioned earlier—I am creating my reality every time I post an entry on my blog because it is my soul that is communicating with the world. I’m more of a writer. I don’t really have the gift of the gab.

To me, “creating your reality” could also mean an action that I know involves what my soul desires to experience. I believe each soul has a different way of experiencing itself. So I cannot tell you exactly how IT feels. You have to find that out for yourself. Once you have realized Your Truth, I guarantee that you will know exactly how and when your Soul would want to experience Itself. It’s an awesome feeling. That’s all I can say.

Actually, there’s one more thing:

Keep this in mind always—when creating your reality forget about what others will think of you. Because—ONCE YOU CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK OF YOU, THEY OWN YOU.

No one owns me.

Not even God.