God and Opportunities II

blind boy2

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I just read online that a Hong Kong eye doctor with a big heart has offered implants for this boy. The implants will enable him to recognize shapes. A technology already being used in Japan and Europe. Doctors are now working on a more advanced version in which, in the future, the visually impaired will have 20 to 40 percent vision. An implant that will be linked directly to the brain.

Talk about GOD’S OPPORTUNITIES! Awesome.

Doctor, you are now operating from your soul…Bless you!

By the way, it seems the suspect for the horrendous crime is the boy’s aunt who unfortunately took her own life a few days ago. I believe her purpose is done. And because of the agenda of her soul, there’s hope for the visually impaired. Everyone has a purpose…

And we have a hero in a little boy named Bin Bin–“He seemed cheerful given that he has gone through so much. He is a very brave boy,” team member Dr Fairooz P. Manjandavida told the South China Morning Post.”